The European Quizzing Championships is a weekend that is packed full of quiz and that is open to anyone.

We welcome quizzers from all over the world – not just Europe – all of whom can play along in just about every quiz that takes place over the weekend. However, only Europeans can take the Individual, Pairs and Nations Cup titles. Moreover, only one national team from each participating Association is eligible to participate in the Nations Cup.

Any player not involved in the Nations Cup (and this will be the majority of attendees) are invited to form teams and contest the ‘Aspirational Cup’ instead. This alternative competition uses the same format as, runs parallel to and, with the exception of the knock-out Finals matches, employs exactly the same questions as the Nations Cup. And it is every bit as competitive as its big brother.

The only quiz that a non-European cannot play in over the weekend is the Nations Cup final (which they are excluded from on eligibility grounds). However, there is the potential to contest the Aspirational Cup Final instead. And lets face it, only two national teams are ever going to get to play in a European Cup Final anyway!

In this section, you will find details of the schedule, formats, rules, sample questions and eligibility criteria for representing a nation or playing in your senior national team.

If you need more information, please just send an email to us here.