General Rules

There are many tournaments that take place during the course of the European Quizzing Championships. Each event has its own page on this website briefly explaining its format. This section explains general rules for the whole tournament. Any breach of the rules will likely result in the disqualification of the player(s) involved.

1. Language. The quizzes are all in English, but you may answer in any official language of country with a team participating in the Nations Team Quiz at the event.

2. Quiz Participation. Prior to the event, you will be asked to declare which quizzes you will take part in. You must complete this form by the date specified in order to play to benefit the smooth-running of the event.

3. Cheating. Anyone suspected by an official of cheating will be disqualified. You must not use any mobile device during a quiz competition.

4. Challenges. If at any time you think your answer should be accepted, then challenge slips will be available at the front of the room for you to detail your challenge. This MUST be done BEFORE the start of the next round. Every effort will be made to check alternative answers offered by a contestant challenging an answer through the correct channel, but ultimately the question master’s decision is final.

5. Late Arrival. If a player arrives after a competition has begun, they may not be allowed into the quiz room as it could disrupt play. Organisers will find a suitable time for a late player to join the quiz that will not cause problems for other competitors. Please don’t be late.

6. Disruptive Behaviour. Anyone deemed by an official to be purposely disrupting an event or causing upset/annoyance/distress to another player/organiser will be removed.

7. Team Swapping. It is not permitted to replace a team member after the first round of a quiz has started. If a team member is late, and they haven’t been replaced, the team will participate with a player short until the late-comer is permitted entry to the quiz room. In very exceptional circumstances, such as sudden illness, the IQA might allow a player to be swapped, but this must be done with permission from a director of the IQA and the opposing team where appropriate.

8. Participant Exclusion. The IQA reserves the right to refuse entry to troublesome individuals, for example someone deemed to have been disruptive in the past or be bringing quiz into disrepute.