Specialist Subjects

As they were so popular at the Quiz Olympiad, we are running four Specialist Subject quizzes at each EQC between the Olympiads. This year, they will be:

Session 1: Digital and Technology (P) -OR- Visual Arts (HB)
Session 2: Pop Music (P) -OR- Literature (HB).

Two Specialist Quizzes will be run simultaneously, one high brow (HB) and one populist (P), so you will be able to take part in a maximum of two.

The quizzes will each have 50 questions, in two halves of 25. With these shorter quizzes, there’s no room for mistakes! Each half will last for 15 minutes. We will announce the leaders at the end of the first half and then winners will be announced as soon as possible after each quiz finishes.

You can see who is playing in each session here:
Session 1: Digital and Technology (P) -OR- Visual Arts (HB)
Session 2: Pop Music (P) -OR- Literature (HB)

Breakdown of Subjects

Digital and Technology (P)
Console, mobile and video games (inc. designers, voice artists, fan conventions, and music – themes, diegetic and non-diegetic), the Internet and world wide web (inc. web TV), digital music (inc. delivery and streaming services), new technology.

Literature (HB)
Literature, novels, prose, poetry (N.B. includes graphic novels but NOT drama).

Pop Music (P)
Commercial (charts-based) popular music from 1950 onwards, performers, writers, producers, albums, record labels, notable recording studios, instruments, historic venues, concerts and festivals. This will include, for example, African and Asian pop but not jazz or stage musicals (for which see Performing Arts).

Visual Arts (HB)
Works of fine art: paintings, sculpture, ceramics, performance art, art galleries and museums, artists, art history, auction houses.