Blackpool – 2007

In 2007 the event was again hosted by IQA GB but this time on their home soil, in Blackpool – once the Mecca of British holidaymakers on the coast about 25 miles north of Liverpool. Both the Netherlands and Norway were keen to host but neither felt quite ready in 2007, so Jane and Chris stepped-in and hastily organised the event.


2007 saw the event continue to grow. Hungary made its debut in the competition and Team USA also made its first appearance, playing in the Aspirational Cup, its team including such luminaries as Ken Jennings and Bob Harris. Another individual making his welcome first appearance at the event was Anurakshat ‘Doc’ Gupta, travelling to the event all the way from Bangalore, India.

For the first time preparations for the EQC included a formal bidding process wherein prospective host nations submitted plans for the following year. IQA representatives were balloted over the weekend to see who would be the next hosts. At the conclusion of the weekend, the announcement was made as to which bid had been successful. With bated breath everyone watched as a presentation revealed that the 2008 host city was to be… Oslo. In winning the bid Norway had succeeded over the efforts of the Netherlands. But the Dutch would be back!

A sad footnote to the event was the death, not long after, of Belgian quizzer Lieven van den Brande. He had been a constant supporter of the event and, in Blackpool, had finished runner-up in the Individual Championship. He became the first international quiz pioneer to be lost to us. RIP Lieven.