Derby – 2010

The 2010 event saw us back in England, in Derby, the birthplace of Lara Croft. The event was held in a centre that had once been the training school for the engineers developing the UK’s railway system. In recent years it had staged a number of UK quizzing events as well. The venue’s centrepiece was a grand Art Deco sunken-lounge, big enough to contain all our EQC competitors, and a giant screen brought in for the occasion. Steeped in history, the centre’s refectory boasted a large mural painted by the same artist who’d decorated a number of the panels in the lounges on board the RMS Titanic.


The event welcomed representatives from Ireland and France and saw the debut of the Scottish national team. The last, happy business to conclude in Derby was the announcement of the venue for 2011. We learned that November 2011 would see us back in Belgium!

The 2010 EQC was a hugely successful event, but one tinged in sadness in that missing from the proceedings was former British and World Quizzing Champion, Mark Bytheway.  We’d lost Mark earlier in the year to the cancer that was entering its final stages as he bravely competed in Dordrecht in 2009, helping England regain the European title from Belgium.