Ghent – 2004

By December 2004, when Café den Hemel hosted their team quiz event, not only was there a ‘Club Team’ competition, but a European Individual Championships and, with the help of Arko Olesk of Estonia, a knock-out European Nations championships which featured sides from Belgium, England, Estonia and the Netherlands. At almost the last minute, a party of Norwegians arranged to make the trip (adding to circa 50 Dutch, English and Estonian visitors), and while it was not possible to include their participation in the main international event, a friendly match was arranged for them against a ‘Celtic Collective’ of UK quizzers with Irish, Scots and Welsh links.


Needless to say the event was a great success and everyone was keen to do it again. The contest was an eye-opener for most of the participants, Café den Hemel and Steven De Ceuster had been super hosts and we had been welcomed to a fantastic, historic venue for our quizzes. Inspired by all of this, Arko Olesk stepped forward and offered Tallinn in Estonia as a venue for 2005. The following year would see the EQC cemented in the Quiz Calendar, and in a format which has remained largely unchanged since.