Oslo – 2008

In 2008 quizzers travelled from across Europe (and the globe) to Oslo. We were hosted in an excellent hotel on the south east fringe of a city enjoying a fabulous setting at the head of a fjord.

An innovation at Oslo was the progress of the top 10 players at the end of the Individual Championships quiz into a final round, with players arranged on a stage and each correct answer signalled by officials standing and looking over the players’ shoulders. This refinement was well received and retained ever since.

All round Oslo proved to be a huge success, not least because the Norwegian Quiz Association demonstrated just how expertly-run an event like this can be with the right preparation and help. Once again the bar had been raised.


On the final day of the EQC, we learned the outcome of the bids for 2009. Competing for the right to host the event was the IQA Netherlands sponsoring Dordrecht, and IQA GB, displaying its wanderlust by proposing Malta. Dordrecht won the vote and no one was happier than the Netherlands representative, Rinus Uijl. He had worked hard for his dream of bringing the EQC to his native Holland. Tragically Rinus was to pass-away just 12 days later. This was a shocking, double blow to Holland, who were still getting over the loss of Roel Schiedon, their National Secretary, in the preceding months.