Paris – 2006

In 2006 IQA Great Britain acted as hosts and, if only because their quizzers were enjoying trips to Europe so much, the event was staged in a Chateau at Lésigny, a short way east of Paris, close to Disneyland Paris. The venue had formerly been a hotel – it was the base of the Brazilian Football Federation during their 1998 FIFA World Cup campaign – but had latterly been converted into a holiday facility for parties of school children. While we were there, we had the run of the entire place to ourselves and, with the help of a bar that never seemed to close, and facilities for 2.00am karaoke sessions, the EQC 2006 turned into something of a 48 hour-long party, with some quiz of course. The whole event was captured by a British TV crew who produced a highly praised documentary about ‘quiz culture’.


Paris also saw the debut of teams from France, Germany and Lithuania, and was the first event attended by the IQA’s North America director, Paul Bailey. He certainly got the bug because he’s been every year since, bringing with him an ever increasing US (and Canadian) contingent.