Tallinn – 2005

Tallinn 2005 is remembered fondly, as a watershed in international quiz events. The EQC weekend fully matured to its potential regarding both its schedule and venue. It was hosted in a superb conference centre within a quality hotel on the fringe of the centre of one of Europe’s most charming cities. And all at a time when prices in the Baltic States were still very affordable for travellers from Western Europe. We had a fantastic time!


The addition of new participants in the European Nations contest, including Finland, Wales and a Rest of Europe collective, saw eight teams first required to take part in a qualifying contest before four teams emerged to occupy semi-final places in the knock-out tournament. Another innovation was the addition to the roster of a European Pairs Championships. Quizzing in pairs is a popular format in Estonia and as hosts they were keen to include it in the programme. It proved so popular with other participants that it immediately became a permanent feature of EQC events.